The Last Ride of the Valiant

Thanks for joining me! Well thought I would leave that little bit in just because. 
Anyways this is my first attempt at a blog and the purpose is is to track the build of my latest foray into the Great Beater Challenge.

For those not hip to what the GBC is all about here is a link to Peters site…

In his words-Stupid Cars, Stupid Cheap, Stupid Fun. Basically a combination road rally and scavenger hunt with the criteria of beaters bought and fixed for a total budget of under $700.

I competed in the GBC 2018 with a co-worker Scot and together we were Team Pipers Pit-in reference to the greatest Scottish wrestler of all time Rowdy Roddy Piper (actually Canadian but since I am also Canadian we will ignore his true heritage). We drove a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 that I bought for $500 and sank under $100 in repairs into. I actually daily drove it for the months leading up to the GBC and if it wasn’t for the fact I promised the better half of my relationship I would sell it at the end of the challenge I might have kept it. Great fuel economy and decent performance with a ton of upgrades from the previous owner.


It even had a trailer hitch; however I think it was added by the PO as a weight transfer device for autocross.

And that brings us up to the selection process for the GBC 2019; Peter had indicated that he was hoping to see contestants dragging cars out of fields and barns for that one last hurrah before they meet their final resting place.

And I hope this is what he was hoping for!


That’s it for today. Much more to come!

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