From the Beginning

As I mentioned earlier I participated in the 2018 version of the Great Beater Challenge and was on the lookout for a car for 2019. I have been spending far too long online scouring the various pages and Kijiji ads looking for the perfect car. While watching the Leafs play on one screen I was searching Kijiji on another screen and found this ad hidden in the Buy & Sell/Other in Calgary page-not even in the automotive pages.

Not a Dodge nor a Rambler but definitely a Valiant. And a great price to boot!

After a few days of back and forth with the seller I set up a play date with my partner in crime Scot, a fellow gearhead co-worker Hagen and the muscle aka John. Hagen generously donated the use of his flat deck trailer for the day. The hitch, however, had seen better days. A little monkeying with it got us secure enough-we hope!

The stretcher.
Seems legit!

On the road with Scot.

What have we gotten ourselves into?

This is what we walked into-a little junkyard out by Cu Nim airport.

The owner (Rollie) used a propane tank to puff up the tires that would actually hold air-at least enough to drag it out of it’s resting place. At least all four wheels rolled-a good sign to start out.

Our hero!

We would have been in a world of hurt without the mechanical assistance of the Case.

That’s me in the background trying to figure out how to get the Valiant on the stretcher.

Once we got the nose on it we lifted the rear end and pushed it up the ramps.

Strapping it down for the journey home. 

The offload at my place. 

I already apologized to both neighbors…..

Scot found the deer skull in the junkyard. It had to come home with us!

More to come!

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